Skin lesions are very common and can be in the form of warts, skin tags and raised moles. At DermAdvance, we can remove benign skin lesions such as these under a local anaesthetic, achieving fantastic end results following a short surgical procedure.

What are they?

Anyone, of any age, can suffer from benign skin lesions. The majority of these lesions don’t require any treatment whatsoever; however their removal might be a preferred course of action if they are obstructive, suspicious looking or the individual wishes to improve their aesthetic appearance.

How are they removed?

The removal technique depends upon the lesion in question. All lesions will be carefully examined before being cleaned with an anti-bacterial solution to limit the risk of infection after the procedure.

Skin tags can be numbed through local anaesthetic and removed using a sharp blade. Moles will be removed by cutting all the way around the identified area.

The procedure will normally take between 15 and 30 minutes, and you should be able to go home just a short while after the operation.

Treatment Cost

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